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There are two versions of this image, whichever you like best - a lighter and a more contrasted one.

I can never be sure about the palette, it is also a matter of personal taste, store availability, and your personal color perception, so if you have issues with the DMC colors I chose - feel free to contact me, or use a color-matching website. I must admit, every DMC thread looks completely different in daylight, fluorescent light, as a swatch on a computer screen, and also when placed near another DMC color.

I do hope you enjoy creating this round image, this is the first piece of Art I've created since the beginning of this war, I read lots of hatred and lies online, until I found a whole community of people worldwide that actually support Israel, and are worried about my safety. This community inspired me, and gave me strength to remember who I am - an Artist. And I just had to create something that I hope this community will enjoy. Crafting always calmed me down, the thought of following a pattern one vibrant stitch after another truly reduces my anxiety. Enjoy your project, and do contact me if you have ANY issues with the pattern at all! Even if you want me to change the placement of flowers, or letters, or anything at all!

Stay safe, everyone!

Am Israel chai - a cross-stitch pattern

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