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About Sophia Newtown (Neishtoot)

I was born in a small Ukrainian town, and till the age of 21 I have tried to be Ordinary. I was told that crocheting, sculpting, writing, drawing and painting are just hobbies - I willl never make a living, and I'll most likely outgrow these chilldish interests.
To please my mother and teachers, I studied Electronics in high-school, though I ended up weaving bracelets and pendants using colorful electronic wires... Then I went to a University to study Geology - made a lot of photographs on the educational trips, and discovered amazing views of alien planets while examining "ordinary" rocks through a 10x lens.
Then I was told, that I can't possibly do everything - I should choose only one field - ceramics, or drawing, or writing, and focus on that.
So I have... I create art. And I do it through all the mediums available to me - I sculpt alien landscapes, I write stories and books about new worlds, I paint and I draw them, I create ceramic, glass and silver jewelry.... And I finally feel like fulfilling my destiny.

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