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I have created these cute and whimsical fantasy mushrooms and insects to use as pokers in tiny garden planters. A perfect fit for a cute fairy garden on a succulent pot.

Each mushroom is about an inch tall, but they are quite free-form.

I have used tooth-picks without glue to poke them into the ground. I prefer simple toothpicks that are easy to remove and replace, as opposed to steel rods (lampwork glass pokers are created straight on the metal rods, no need to glue) because they definitely don't poison the plants and can be easily replaced or removed, while the glass decoration itself will last for thousands of years, as seen in Ancient Rome museums ;)

The price is per each item, there are 10 different items, the mushrooms and the fantasy dragonfly are 15$ each, the bugs are 10$ each.


A whimsical glass garden decoration

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