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Check out these sarcastic pseudo-inspirational coasters. 'Cause you've gotta agree - EVERYTHING looks inspirational and wise on a watercolor space background...

They come in sets of 4, printed on a water-resisting material (I know the name in Hebrew - it's called something like "microflor")

You can buy it through my website, or just contact me

*A very deep quote about our place in the universe - by Some Smartass

*Something cool and thought-provoking about eternity and stuff - by Anonymous

*A really wise quote about the meaning of life - by an Enlightened Someone

*Meaningless nonsense - by Sophia Newtown

By the way, painting space with watercolors is very satisfying, and highly recommended by me!

Price: 20$, Free worldwide shipping.

Pseudoinspirational coasters - "Space

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